Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kenny Bond

On September 20th 2011, my father was driving me and my siblings to SAFEWAY down in downtown Grass Valley to obtain some groceries. On the way there, we drove pass the Del Oro Theater and then we suddenly witnessed someone who seemed to be quibbling with an employee who works there at the theater. I was exceedingly concerned on who that was, because I have seen this man walk all around downtown and he seems to be kind of disabled, but very special to Grass Valley. I saw him in the Del Oro Theater when I went to go see the movie "2012", Salvation Army buying clothing with only a few quarters, and a barber shop. So I asked my father who he is and he said that everyone knows who he is. He is a mentally challenged man who rides his bike around in downtown Grass Valley and I think in Nevada City too. He has two yellow bikes I think and one of them got stolen in 1997. I want to know more about this man, so I wont forget more about him. I want to know why he wonders around only in Grass Valley and Nevada City. I want to know more about this interesting man.